Moroccan cuisine is one of the finest in the world. Even if you’re traveling on a budget, splurge one night for a feast in a deluxe restaurant. Be sure pastilla is on the menu, and don’t be put off just because it contains pigeon ! Also look for harira, the traditional peasant garbanzo-and-noodle soup (it’s spicy). We really like tagines (a meat or chicken stew) or houte (a fish stew), mechoui (roast mutton) and djaja mahamara (chicken stuffed with almonds, raisins couscous). Couscous, a semolina staple, is available with most meals if you ask for it. Meals are eaten with the right hand ; don’t even pass food with the left hand. Tradition holds that you should be seated on floor cushions. In tourist areas, Western-style eating utensils are available. Almond and file pastries are excellent, as are almond milk shakes and fresh-squeezed orange juice. Try the sweet mint tea—it’s served in a clear glass crammed with mint leaves.