vallee draa

This is a very famous and relaxing day trip from Marrakech, not only for foreigners but also for the locals who Escaping from heat and nose of the city) this very green and beautiful Ourika Valley spreads between the first foothills of the High Atlas Mountains, extending along the River and very close to Marrakech one of the most pristine valleys in Morocco. On the way to you will drive through T'nin village, which is the nerve center of the whole area of Ourika Valley. Where people come every Monday to the SouK (local Market) to sell their goods and buy all their needs. You will go on our drive up to the mountains, where many Berber villages scattered on the mountains with a fascinating houses made from mud and straw; in the middle of nowhere; thousands of satellite dishes on roofs. All this make you feel that nothing has been changed in life here through thousands years. Meanwhile donkeys and mules are still the main means of transportation among these high and tough mountains, since there are no accesses for cars and tracks. Enjoy a guided walk to the cascades and a visit of an herb garden where you are served traditional mint tea by the local people before we go for lunch in a local restaurant and heading back to Marrakech.